2017 Events Calendar and Historical Dates
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2     Maryborough Highland Gathering
24   Shepparton Robert Burns Club Supper
27   Melbourne Burns Ceilidh
26   Australia Day celebrations 

(1692 - William of Orange issues an order to discipline the Highland Scots)
(1st January 1766 – King James III dies)
(17th January 1746 – The Battle of Falkirk) 
(31st January 1788 – Prince Charles dies in Rome aged 68)


7    Melbourne Robert Burns Club Supper 
11  Bendigo Scots Day Out
26  Clan Matheson Picnic - Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

(4th February 1716 - James III leaves Scotland) 
(13th February 1692 - The Glencoe Massacre)
(16th February 1746 – The Route of Moy)
(18th February 1745 – Prince Charles captures Inverness)


20     Geelong Highland Gathering   
26-27 Maclean Highland Games

(2nd March 1746 – Prince Charles sets up his base at Inverness) 
(23 March 1708 - A French naval squadron attempted unsuccessfully to land James III on the Firth of Forth)


3      Ringwood Highland Gathering 
9      Bundanoon Highland Gathering    

(15th April 1746 – The night march to Nairn)
(16th April 1746 – The Battle of Culloden) 


3     Amulet Highland Games
28   Clan Matheson May Muster Meeting      


19 Aberdeen (NSW) Highland Games

(7 June 1329 - Death of King Robert I, Robert The Bruce)
(10th June 1719 - Battle of Glen Shiel)
(12th June 1701 - Act of Settlement passed by Parliament in London)
(16th June 1746 – Prince Charles meets Flora MacDonald)                   


(11th July 1274 - Birth of King Robert I, Robert The Bruce)


20   Clan Matheson Australia AGM Meeting
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(6th September 1701 - Death of the King James II)
(6th September 1715 - Start of 'the Fifteen' in Braemar following the accession of the Elector of Hanover)
(11th September 1745 – Prince Charles captures Edinburgh)
(19th September 1746 – Prince Charles escapes by boat to France from Loch nan Uamh)
(21st September 1745 – The Battle of Prestonpans)


3     Sydney Hills Highland Gathering
19   Clan Matheson Society Australia Meeting

(5th November 1688 – William of Orange invades England) 
(8th November 1745 – Jacobites cross the border into England)
(13th November 1715 – Battle of Sheriffmuir)
(15th November 1745 – Jacobite army captures the town of Carlisle)
(23rd November 1745 – The Duke of Cumberland is made leader of the English army)


3     Daylesford Highland Gathering
31   Hogmanay Celebrations

(4th December 1745 – The Jacobite army reaches the town of Derby in England) 
(5th December 1745 – the Jacobite chiefs decide to withdraw to Scotland)
(18th December 1745 – Skirmish at Clifton Moor in England)
(21st December 1720 – Charles Edward Stuart or "Bonnie Prince Charlie" is born in Rome, Italy) 
(21st December1745 Jacobites cross the border back into Scotland) 
(22nd December 1715 – James III lands at Peterhead)